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So, are you wondering to start a blog of your own ? If yes, then this is the right place for you!

Here is a Guide on “Why to start a blog in 2017?”

Today I am providing you a step by step instructions to start your own blog without having any technical skills

In fact, starting a blog is a great way to share your ideas, informations, knowledge, imaginations as well as selling your product and services to the internet users all over the world

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Now a days, Blogging has become an online way to earn money and many professional bloggers are earning in millions per year from their blog

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As a beginner I suggest you not to focus on earning in the first six month after starting a blog as I had seen many of my friends started their blog and on the first day itself they started thinking of making money from their blog and after three month they quit blogging saying that they are not able to earn money from their blog

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After a survey it is known that many people quit blogging as they don’t able to earn money but I gurantee you this is a long term business and as time passes you will be able to earn a good money from your blog but you have to maintain and update your blog till six month

Bored of lecture, sorry for that! But, it was important to make you aware before you start

Now, coming directly to step required  to start a blog :

STEP 1 : Choose a blogging platform [ WordPress ]
Blogging platform generally is a blog management tool you want to use, There’s a lot to choose the right one from like WordPress, tumblr, drupal, blogger etc

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Now, Actually WordPress Is An Online, Open Source Website Creation Tool Written In Php. According To Me, it’s probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today

As a beginner I suggest you to use WordPress as your blogging platform as it is user friendly, free of cost, easy to setup and customize and you can use it without any coding knowledge

According to a survey in 2017, 65% of the bloggers in the world uses WordPress as their blogging platform so I suggest you to go with majority

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STEP 2 :  Register a Domain Name [ www.myblogname.com ]
A Domain Name is the name chosen by you for your website ( or blog )

A Domain Name is the address where internet users can access your website ( or blog )

Generally a website ( or blog ) is identified by Ip Address which is a series of numbers but as it is difficult to remember by internet users so Domain Name came into existence as it is generally easier to remember a name rather than a long string of numbers

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Domain Name consists of two parts :

  • your website ( or blog ) name and
  • domain name extension

For ex : dreamtoblog.com , here dreamtoblog is my website ( or blog ) name and .com is the domain name extension and combining these is our domain name

Every domain name is unique, No two websites ( or blogs ) can have the same domain name

STEP 3 : Register a Web Hosting Account and install WordPress to it
Web hosting is generally an internet service which provide space on internet to stores your files , data , information and website on internet and make it easily accessible to internet users online via world wide web

There are many web hosting companies which sells or rent their space on internet to you to store your data and information

There are many free and paid web host service provider but I suggest you to choose a paid one as free services doesn’t attract internet users to your website in bulk and also they gives your website a subdomain name which looks ugly

For ex : Paid service allow you to host dreamtoblog.com but when it comes to free service they attach a subdomain name with your domain like dreamtoblog.blogspot.com or dreamtoblog.wordpress.com

For beginners it’s my advice to choose a cheap shared web hosting service for first year generally starting below $2/month and you can upgrade later to a private or virtual web hosting depending on your need

Many Web Hosts offer free domain name for 1 year with their 1 year hosting plan, I suggest you to go with it as you didn’t need to pay a single penny for domain name

Click here to access the step by step guide for registering a domain name and hosting from BlueHost.com

If you are living in india, good news for you as godaddy is offering a domain name and hosting for 3 years at just Rs 4200

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STEP 4 : Login and customize your blog using wordpress
Once you complete the installation of wordpress on your hosting cPanel, you will get your wordpress login credentials i.e admin url, username and password To log in to your blog, click the admin url

Generally Your WordPress Admin Panel URL Will Be Like yourblogname.com/wp-admin

On Navigating To The Required URL You Will Be Forwarded To A Login Page

Wordpress login page

Just Type Your “Username/Email Address” And “Password” And Click On “Log In”
You Will Get Redirected To Wordpess Dashboard

wordpress admin panel

You Will See Your Website/Blog Name In Place Of “Dream To Blog”, As My Website Name Is Dream To Blog It Is Visible To You In This Picture

Now customize your blog and load your blog with contents

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Step 5 : Promote Your Blog
Creating an attractive blog and writing great post for it is not enough for starting a blog. You should spend some time for promoting your blog in order to get readers for your blog

One of the easiest way to promote your blog is sharing links of your content on social media accounts also known as social media optimizaton

There are various other ways to promote your blog and SEO ( i.e. search engine optimization ) is also one of the important factors on which blog traffic depends

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STEP 6 : Monetize Your Blog
There are many different ways to generate money with your blog online

Unfortunately, too many people often give up because at that present time they aren’t making any money at all

My advice is not to give up! It takes time to build a site that will make you money, though with the right direction, planning and hard work this can be achieved quicker

It all depends on how you monetize your blog

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Congratulations! Now you are a blogger, write unique and attractive content to your blog daily and start earning money from your blog online

!!! Happy Blogging !!!

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